Image browser
Manage your images fast and get an overview of your digital images, open them with your favorite editor app or just check out the EXIF data.
Image preview
Flip, rotate, resize and change resolution of your favorite images.

Batch processing
Change format (JPEG, TIFF etc...), quality, scaling (ability to constrain proportions) and resolution of thousands of images with just a click.
With features like advanced file naming and full support for ColorSync profiles it processes your images easily.

Import images from camera
Connect your digital camera, and with a click of a button - you are importing your images!

Image index
Need to put together a bunch of images to one image? Easy! Just select the images you want.

Web gallery
Create a gallery for the web containing your best photos.

Slide show
Slide nicely through your images.

Full screen view
Go through your images in full screen mode. Change back and forth between your images with the directional keys.
Raw image support
Raw image processing is fully supported using Dave Coffins’s dcraw.
News: Batch 1.5 released!
The new release includes a new feature: imagemarking. Handy when you want to treat different images in different ways! It does also include a documentation. Please download the new version and try it out!



Download a free demo of Batch 1.5!
batch.dmg (2.7 MB)
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or later and QuickTime 6.5.
Limitations: Batch will only run for 30 days and quits after 20 minutes of use.

Batch is not being developed any more. Use this name and serial:

Questions? Comments?
Please send all correspondence to the following address: